Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome! Bienvenue!

If you are tired of carrying the mental, physical, and spiritual baggage that is keeping you from happiness, and peace this is where you belong.

One of the ways that I succeeded in turning my life around is by switching my thought process from the binary yes/no, right/wrong, black/white, win/lose to the triad yes/no/progression. I will write more about the importance of this thought process switch in later posts but the following will get you on your springboard to you. There are three main statements that ground my philosophy:
  1. The only relationship in this world that is completely mine is the one that I have with myself. 
  2. The only thoughts and actions over which I have power in my life are mine.
  3. The only person who can stop me from envisioning and obtaining my goals is me.
I recite this every day, and invite you to do the same starting now. Following these simple assertions, gave me the motivation to get out, train for, and complete my first half-marathon in 2009. With these three assertions, I found the strength to get back up after being slammed down by people whom I loved, and trusted in 2010. With these three, I learned to have power with solitude in 2011. 

I found the focus to lift weights and lose weight. I went from squeezing into size extra-large sweat pants to wearing loose medium. I no longer have bouts with my intestinal health, because I no longer carry the anger of other's as though it were my own. Today, my swagger is not based on how much money I earn, whether or not I have a lover, what groups claim me as their own, or which institutions gave me their rubber stamp

My confidence comes from the fact that I have done the very difficult work that empowered me to envision and accomplish goals that I did not believe that I could before. Living PowerLife is where you can get the information, guidance, and support you need to do the same. In addition, by contributing comments that describe your successes and challenges, you can help give encouragement to others who are also struggling to live better lives.

You can find the person for whom you long. You can build the body that you treasure. You can live a life of power, truth, and wisdom. Reading this begins your journey back to you. The journey that will teach you how to switch your thoughts from binary to triad. The journey that includes you joining and helping to build a community of people who are living PowerLife. 

You are a miracle. I am a miracle. Yes, there are miracles in this world today. We just have to be open to making the changes that bring them about, and ready to see them when they occur. 

From my PowerLife to yours,