Thursday, September 19, 2013

End of Summer Thoughts: 2013

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Before starting this post, I decided to read what I wrote this time last year. I knew that I had made progress in the direction that I want to go, but was curious about my expectations back then. I wanted to compare where I was then, where I expected to be in the future to where I am now. I noticed several things:
  • First, last year this time I was writing in trio; physical, spiritual, and mental.
  • Second, I was ending the cycle of counting pounds, fixating on food and feeling anxious about my size.
  • Third, I was just beginning to become less distracted by people around me and more able to focus on myself. 
  • Fourth, I finally came to terms with the fact that I would never be accepted by organized religion. 
  • Fifth, I was just beginning to see how much energy and time I had wasted trying to change the fourth fact. 
  • Sixth, almost as an aside, I mentioned that I wanted a bigger bank account. 
That was end of summer, 2012 in summary.

Now, fast forward to end of summer 2013 and let’s see what stuck and what didn’t. 
  • First, I still meditate every day, sometimes more. 
  • Second, I am smaller in size than last year and still do not worry about calories. 
  • Third, organized religion is something that very seldom even crosses my mind. 
  • Fourth, I have a strong connection to my God and see the work of the Universe every day of my life. 
  • Fifth, I notice people but find that they no longer distract me from my focus. 
  • Sixth, my bank account is, in fact, larger today than it was this time last year. 
All in all, from this time last year to now, I have made definite progress in the direction that I want to go.

My expectations for moving forward into the fall and the end of this year can be summed up with the word bright. Starting with the fact that my sojourn in the fires of bad break ups hell seems to be over, I expect negativity to continue to become a thing of the past. This means that it is far easier for me to see the positive in a situation and far less of a struggle to keep from traveling down Woe is Me Road when things don’t go as planned. 

I have laid out a detailed plan that includes month to month goals and the means to obtain them. So far this discipline has resulted in me obtaining my MA license to sell health and life insurance. I have identified places to buy business suits and a good tailor to do my alterations. I’m still dating and comfortable with being solo. Oh, while on the subject, I had my first experience of applying the Living PowerLife approach to dating while deciding whether to continue to date a particular person. Far less drama. 

As I continue along my path, I hope to meet more positive people and perhaps find a special person of my own. Until that happens, though, I will follow the Living PowerLife approach to happiness, health and well-being because I'm living proof that it works.

From my PowerLife to yours,


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