Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A PowerLife Holiday Season

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'Tis the season for family, food, friends, and fun, unless you are at odds with family, overwhelmed by financial obligations, isolated socially, and distracted from joy by feelings of sadness or loss. Ads on television, radio, and Internet show us ways to be happy and to buy big holiday presents with big holiday discounts. Most of our waking time is bombarded by bells, music, and laughter as we rush from store to store checking one item after another off our holiday to do list. The temptation is to eat too much exercise too little, and excuse behavior that we would not otherwise. This is the time to remember the basics of the Living PowerLife approach to health and well-being. Consequently, the theme for today's post is stick with the basics.

One thing that I have learned without doubt while researching and developing Living PowerLife is that the closer we get to happiness, health, and peace the stronger negativity and opposition can seem. Knowing this is important to successfully face and overcome obstacles as they arrive. When we accept the premise that opposition is an opportunity to become stronger and that negativity is a revelation that shows we are closer to our goals, we are not thrown off balance by unexpected problems or bad behavior. Instead, we are inspired and energized. As has become my custom with these posts, I will provide a real-life example for this. 

This example happened a few days after Thanksgiving. I was still enjoying the peace and happiness that my family and I shared while preparing and eating Thanksgiving dinner. We had arranged the day so that we had ample time to talk and spend time together. The food tasted good and was good for the body. The result was that none of the discomfort that comes with eating and drinking too much was present. Thanksgiving day, we were three generations together laughing, joking, and sharing. The day and evening felt warm and wonderful.

The next day, we had an unexpected visit from a family friend that was not as warm or pleasant. Without going into great detail, suffice it to write that the person brought negativity and disrespect through the door. The visit could have ended with these negative feelings overshadowing the good from Thanksgiving because an argument could easily have ensued. Instead, we stuck with the basics, and made the conscious decision to refrain from giving the behavior much energy. The person left after several efforts to engender animosity failed. I used sage to clear our space from the visit. 

It is possible to live your power in your life even when faced with obstacles that come through the presence of others or our own behavior. As the season continues into the new year, remember to keep yourself hydrated with water. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Stick to your regular eating habits as much as possible, and think about how your body will react to what you eat and drink. When confronted with difficult behavior from your friends or colleagues, try to make the conscious decision to turn away from their negativity. If necessary, remove yourself from the environment. 

Maintaining your balance and health is important if for no other reason than only you will live with the effects. Have a wonderful. peaceful, loving holiday season.

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