PowerLife Joy

Having joy in your heart is crucial to claiming and living your power in your life. To have joy you must:

  1. Find the joy in you.
  2. Learn how to be happy alone.
  3. Find and follow your passion.
  4. Surround yourself with the people who bring you joy.
Note that I have prioritized the things to do above. I did this because first, you cannot find happiness with another, if you do not know how to be happy with yourself. Too many times, and too many people look outside for fulfillment and happiness. This approach is doomed to failure as revealed by the high divorce rate in the U.S. 

Second, if you have not found and learned about your own passions, you cannot be much more than physically exciting to another. We cannot ignore the importance of physical attraction in a relationship, but long term requires much more.

Third, the process of learning how to be happy alone and exploring your passions will give you the ability to recognize the people who will enhance the happiness that you already have. Relationships start and end. People come and go. When you build connections with people from your place of happiness, your sense of having power in your life is not diminished when a relationship ends.

Below are a few pictures of me doing some of the things that bring joy to my life. 

Around the camp fire
Love kayaking
Hanging out with family
Goofing off
Weight lifting

Enjoying nature

Enjoying a good cigar
Fishing with my favorite girl
These are only a few. I also like to box, ride a bike, enjoy a good single malt, travel... I think you get the point; take the time, invest the energy to learn about you. Start with making a list of the things you do now that bring you joy. From there, see if you have any pictures of you doing these things. Put them together, and build on what you have. You'll be surprised at how much you learn about the beautiful, powerful, wonderful person called you.

From my PowerLife to yours,