LIving the Power

What I Didn’t Know, I Know Now!   By Valarie Berry

Over the past three years I started having more difficulty digesting dairy, white flour, beef, pork, chicken and processed foods. My life long battle with eczema was worsening. Although I switched to lactose free milk and yogurt, things weren’t really improving. I discussed these difficulties with my doctor, and felt helpless when he told me that my diabetes, lactose intolerance, and the fact that I  was getting older were contributing factors. 

It wasn’t until a holiday gathering this past December when Elandus suggested that I watch a DVD called Forks Over Knives that I gained a new understanding about food, and in particular vegetables. After watching Forks over Knives I switched and changed to a plant based diet. Since then, my eczema has begun clearing up, and a lot of the skin sensitivities have diminished. I no longer have bouts of itching attacks, and have stopped using the prescribed salves and ointments that were necessary two months ago. 

The decision to shift to a plant based diet has also resulted in weight loss, more energy, and to my surprise, less hunger. My craving for meat and sweets are almost nonexistent. However, I do have dreams during the night that center on my eating BQ chicken wings, and beef teriyaki. You can only imagine how pleased I am to awaken and find out that I was dreaming. I guess you could say it’s a creative way to eat what you want and stay healthy. I don’t mind missing meat. It’s just a lot easier to miss it than it is to crave it.

Within a week of changing to a plant based diet my diabetes diminished.  My A1C blood glucose is now normal, and I was officially taken off of Glucophage in February of this year. When I started writing down what I ate and discovered that cheating by eating chips or having ice cream, or a small steak was not permissible.  Cheating meant nausea, stomach bloat, constipation, and a spike in my blood glucose.  I discovered that it wasn’t the carbs that increased my blood glucose, but the cholesterol.   

When I took this leap a few months ago I wasn’t sure I would be able to make the shift to healthy eating.  Watching the DVD and other YouTube videos hit close to home because I could see it.  The convincing factor was the visual documentation.  Seeing was definitely believing for me. A special thanks to yo, Elandus.  Every time I see a folk and a knife I think of our food chats.