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If you are tired of carrying the mental, physical, and spiritual baggage that is keeping you from happiness and peace this is where you belong.

Living PowerLife blog is informed by what I know about myself, other people, life, and from formal education. The main price for this knowledge was to stop so that I could start. I had to refrain from becoming level with people who hurt, betrayed, or abandoned me so that I could start behaving lovingly towards myself. 

In other words, when hurt I stopped seeking revenge and began rebuilding instead. When betrayed, I released my anger and started to forgive. When afraid, I stopped running and started naming the source of my fears. The results were three-fold:
  1. I realized who I was at the time. 
  2. I saw the connection between what I believed I deserved and the type of people I allowed close to me. 
  3. I got a glimpse of who I was capable of becoming in the future. 
Successfully achieving these results was possible only after I: 
  • Stopped distracting myself with food, behavior, or people and started acknowledging my pain, disappointment, and fear. 
  • Stopped believing in quick fixes and started building the discipline for long-term physical, mental, and spiritual health. 
  • Stopped comparing myself to people who appeared to be happier, healthier, or wealthier and started working to become a better me. 
  • Stopped searching for the right person and started the frightening process of understanding why the wrong people became so prominent in my life. 
  • Stopped giving away my power by over-valuing the opinions or needs of others and started listening to my inner guidance first.
As success came, I realized that my strength, my voice, and my confidence are only mine if they are independent of any person, group, or institution. Consequently, I developed my own philosophy for life. 

Having my own philosophy was crucial to overcoming the fact that I was tired of failing and accepting the reality that I was ready to start to live. I was tired of running from myself, tired of blaming others for my misery, and tired of complaining about the ways in which I had allowed people to cause strife in my life as an adult.

Living PowerLife is informed by my philosophy for having the kind of inner peace, confidence, and love that cannot be taken away. You see, just as you, I have survived painful, scary, life-changing experiences. With each experience, I felt that my world--I--would come to an end. It was only by facing each experience and incorporating the lessons contained that I became stronger and better able to claim my power. 

This was not easy, but today I am healthier, happier, and more positive than I have been in years. My life is less complicated because I refuse to settle or accept less than I deserve. You can do the same with Living PowerLife.

From my PowerLife to yours,